Thursday, July 4, 2013

Farewell to Dr. Sudan and Dr. Roshan

At the end of last week we said goodbye to two our two MBBS doctors, Dr. Roshan and Dr. Sudan. Over the course of the last year, both have inspired our staff with their hard work, and their compassionate care has benefitted countless patients.  While we are sad to see them leave, we know their connection to our work has only just begun and that their pursuit of further eduction will serve them well. Although they have yet to be replaced, we can only hope that our next round of MBBS doctors are as dedicated to serving the population of Achham with high quality compassionate care. 

Dr. Sudan Thapa, Steven (Country Director), and Dr. Roshan Bista

Below are two quotes from emails sent to Nyaya Health’s team@ list serve:

“…the smile on [patients] faces always motivate me to work at Bayalpata Hospital. This is now end of my tenure and in search of my further study with heavy heart I am leaving Bayalpata hospital this time. This is just the beginning of my attachment with Nyaya and would like continue forever and return back with more knowledge and resources. Thank you all for your support and appreciation.”
                     Dr Sudan

“I got a chance to learn a lot from you all and this is just the beginning of being the part of Nyaya.  As I go from here in the search of MD degree heart always says I will return back to the needy people with more knowledge and resources.”
                     Dr Roshan 

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