Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Baylpata's First C-Section

Over a week ago on July 3rd, Baylpata's First C-Section was performed by Dr. Tewari, aided by a team of nurses and assistants.  We regret not sharing this momentous occasion earlier, but here in Achham time quickly gets away from us.  This surgery marked the end of a long commitment to provide the first surgical services at Bayalpata Hospital, and is a testament to the dedication of everyone at Nyaya Health both here in Nepal and in Boston.  As Dan Schwarz wrote to me in an email shortly after, "yet again, we have shown that the impossible is possible."  

For those who have never been to Achham, it is perhaps difficult to convey how much of a positive impact the implementation of surgical services at Bayalpata Hospital will have for the community.  In the United States one is rarely more than a thirty minute trip for a hospital. In Achham, a women is lucky if she must only walk a single our to reach a point of care, and the distance to reach a surgical center is almost always far greater.  Even more troublesome is the reality that the quality of services at many locations which patients have travel hours to reach frequently leaves much to be desired. Closer, more reliable surgical services will undoubtedly save the lives of many who previously may not have made it a hospital in time, and will reduce the burden of traveling for many. 

Nyaya Health's Amazing Surgical Team!  


Just Moments after Birth

The Next Day Mother and Child are Doing Well 

A Very Proud Grandmother 

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