Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hero: An Introduction

As our time here in Achham is coming to a close, we feel the need to point out the incredible staff at the hospital that have impacted our experience beyond measure. The people that work here are an incredible group of people, who each have inspiring stories, and who each are doing a tough job on a daily basis, but continue to press onward in Nyaya’s mission of providing care to the people of Achham.

Over the next few days, we will post to this blog descriptions of some of these “Heroes” that we have been able to work with. While we cannot say everything there is to be said about each of these heroes, or express the full measure of our gratitude, we want to highlight the work that they are doing here. We also cannot write about every single person that works here individually, but our thanks and admiration goes out to the entire staff.

These inspiring people are heroes to us. We hope you will see them that way as well.

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