Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hero: Deepak Bista

I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work alongside Deepak during my time here working in the Data department. He is the hospital’s Data and Technology officer. As such, he is in charge of all data entry and reporting in the hospital, and is also responsible for any task relating to technology that needs to be completed. 

Deepak is an incredibly hard worker. He works in a stifling office that has been affectionately nicknamed “The Oven” by other staff for its lack of ventilation and high temperature when it is warm out. Deepak spends hours at a time entering data into databases and spreadsheets, a task that could wear on anyone, but he always has a smile when he does it. 

What is truly incredible about Deepak is his knowledge and drive to continue improving the hospital’s data systems. He is like an artist when working with his spreadsheets, crafting them in a way that will ensure the most utility of the data and the highest accuracy. When data isn’t reported to him at time, he will go out and track it down, even if it takes talking to every single employee in the hospital. Deepak also has a genuine love for the work that he does. He enjoys seeing what the data holds, and is rarely without a smile when seeing it all come together.

Deepak also has an incredible degree of initiative. He is excited to continue working on the data communication plan, and offered many suggestions of his own in its design. After a long meeting discussing ways to improve the pharmacy and store system at the hospital, by the next morning Deepak had constructed an Access database out of scratch that was incredibly functional and has already replaced the hospital’s previous stock system. He can also often be found in his office on Saturdays (the only day of the week that people have off) chugging along in order to get our data reported on time.

Deepak is a great co-worker, always willing to drop what he was doing to lend a hand. You can hear his distinctive laugh even before you see him, knowing that he is either chatting enthusiastically about his work, or about the weather, or about the football game after work.

I’m honored that I’ve been able to work alongside him the past couple months, and will be sad to say goodbye.

Deepak is a hero.

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  1. Thank you Deepak Bhai for your great effort, go ahead in days coming