Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Heroes: Buddha Dai and Min, Kitchen Staff (new and old), Health Aides, All of the other wonderful staff

There are countless others who toil every day and night to serve the communities of Achham. We are so thankful for all of the crucial services they provide. These are the people who make it safe for patients and staff to be at the hospital all hours of the day, the people who cook three meals a day for the entire staff, the people who ensure there are clean and hygienic facilities, and the people who are willing to do whatever it takes to make the hospital function. 

Buddha dai, the groundskeeper makes sure that patients are directed to the correct parts of the hospital, chases cattle off of hospital grounds (after all, we run a hospital, not a farm!), and will do anything that’s needed to maintain the hospital. He works with determination and with a fondness for the community. Buddha dai has been employed by Nyaya longer than any other staff members. He, and his bright 11 year old son Dula (who often translates for the ex-pats, loves math and is a leader among his peers), are well loved by all of the staff. 

Min, the night watchman, quietly volunteers to do any job needing to be done around the hospital on top of dependably protecting the patients and hospital each night. He has an incredible work ethic and is among the most committed staff member we have met. The very kindhearted Min is an integral person to Nyaya.
Dili, the ambulance driver, safely navigates the winding mountain roads bringing patients to our hospital and others when they are referred. There was more than one occasion where he had only a brief rest between 10+ hour drives but he still was determined to get our patients to the appropriate medical facilities in the least time possible and likely saved multiple lives through this determination.

Deepa, Laxmi, and now the new canteen staff have the daunting task of cooking all meals for the entire hospital. They carefully prepare the food and will always brighten your day. They work earlier and later each day than the majority of staff but never complain. Now, Deepa and Laxmi join the health aides in ensuring that the hospital and staff quarters are kept hygienic, that patient beds have clean sheets, that the toilets are kept clean, and that the clinicians have the necessary supplies. Without these fabulous people, our hospital would not be able to provide quality services.

These individuals, and each of the other staff members who make the hospital function, are heroes.

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